Customer Support


Got a question about our tamper evident security seals or about Essentra? Check out our FAQ.s pages for answers to commonly asked questions. However please do not hesitate to call us at our offices nearest to you (Contact Page) should you have any enquiry. Alternatively drop us an email at

Q1. What is a tamper evident security seal?

A. A tamper evident security seal will show evidence of tamper in the event of an unauthorised person attempting to open and/or remove the seal.

Q2. I need to have my company logo on the seal. Can I do that?

A. Yes, you can. We offer customization options such as logo and barcode printing, special colors, etc. Let us know your requirement and we will be glad to assist you in producing your very own customized security seals

Q3. Can I have my products bar coded?

A. Most Essentra tamper evident security seals can be supplied with a bar-coded serial number. The additional cost for this will depend upon the type of barcode and the number of characters . please contact us with your requirements.

Q4. How can I pay for goods ordered online?

A. New customers can pay by credit card for quick delivery, or set up an account, which will be subject to a credit check procedure. Existing customers can pay by invoice, which will be subject to a 30 day payment period

Q5. When will my goods be delivered?

A. All our stock products are delivered within 14 days, subjected to availability. As for customized products, we require between three to six weeks of production lead time, depending on the type of seals, printing and customization options required.

Q6. You have many tamper evident security seals, but which product suits my business application?

A. Besides the product catalogue, we have listed our products by industry applications as well. You can search in that section and find the suitable product for your business application. If you are unsure of the product.s functionality, kindly contact our offices nearest to you and we will be happy to guide you.