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Introduction of AluLock V2

Alulock V2

AluLock V2 has been enhanced to provide better security with compact housing. AluLock V2 with cable diameter 3.5mm, 4.0mm and 5.0mm have successfully passed the stringent ISO 17712:2010 tests as High Security and C-TPAT compliant security seals. AluLock V2 has been enhanced to provide better security with a more compact housing which is suitable for securing Plastic Distribution Bottles, Petrochemical Valves, Rail Trucks and Container doors. Its main usage is in the logistic and shipping industry. The global logistics market had a value of $804.6 billion in 2007. In 2012, the global logistics market is forecasted to have a value of $ 1,040.6 billion, an in-crease of 29.3% since 2007. This computes to an annual growth of 5.9% yearly. As more and more businesses are expanding globally, shipment of high value goods and equipment will also grow in tandem. This provides us with an opportunity to introduce our high strength metal seals to secure their shipment.

How it Works
AluLock V2 has several unique features that make it a reliable and secure lock. Below are some of the features

Product Features
- Non-preformed cable unravels when cut
- Galvanized steel cable, removal only with tool
- ISO17712:2010 & C-TPAT compliant

- Prevents tampering by cable cutting and reusing of seal
- Suitable for securing valuables for long periods of time
- Used to secure import/export goods worldwide

Trade Benefits
- Secures Rail truck, Shipping Containers and Plastic Distribution Containers