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Latest Update on ISO 17712:2010
Tuesday, 21 February 2012 00:00

The ISO 17712:2010 that replaces the current ISO/PAS 17712: 2006 mechanical seal standard was scheduled to take effect on March 1, 2012. This new standard includes:

  • A tamper evidence requirement with associated test procedures and certifications (Clause 6).
  • The minimum diameter for the metal components of the pin head and the closing of bolt seals is required to be 18mm.

C-TPAT informed partners that they have learned that the tamper evidence element of the ISO17712:2010 requirements (Clause 6) cannot be met. To date, no accredited independent laboratories have been willing to test and certify seals as complying with the tamper evidence requirement. Consequently, C-TPAT has determined that implementation of the new standard is not viable by the March 1, 2012 deadline.

The ISO committee is in the midst of amending the ISO 17712:2010 to address the issue of Clause 6. C-TPAT has advised that the implementation of the new ISO 17712:2010 standard for mechanical seals will be delayed until the ISO has resolved this issue.

Since the ISO 17712: 2010 certification for high security seals is attainable without the Clause 6 testing portion of the standard, C-TPAT encourages partners to buy bolt seals that comply with the minimum diameter for metal component of 18mm standard.

ABRIC’s high-security bolt seals, HanaLock and UnoLock 3.0, have both been certified to the ISO 17712:2010 mechanical seal standard, including the minimum 18mm diameter requirement. In addition, ABRIC’s range of high-security cable seals, AluLock 3.5, AluLock 4.0 and AluLock 5.0 have also been tested to comply with the latest ISO 17712:2010 standards. All of ABRIC’s high-security seals have been independently tested by third-party independent test house, Dayton T. Brown.


Update On ISO 17712

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